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Aoi Automatic Visual Inspection Machine For Disposable White Plate

Aoi Automatic Visual Inspection Machine For Disposable White Plate

  • Aoi Automatic Visual Inspection Machine For Disposable White Plate
  • Aoi Automatic Visual Inspection Machine For Disposable White Plate
Aoi Automatic Visual Inspection Machine For Disposable White Plate
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: KEYE
Certification: NO
Model Number: KVIS-T
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Fumigation-free wood
Delivery Time: 4 to 6 weeks
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
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Detailed Product Description
Condition: New Test Report: Provided
Number Of Cameras: 3 Sets Name: Visual Inspection Machine For Disposable White Plate
Colour: According To Customer's Need After-sales Service: Video Technical Support
Touch Screen: Humanized HMI Product Type: Bulk Material
Light Source: LED Packing: Plywood Carton
High Light:

50HZ automatic visual inspection machine


220V automatic visual inspection machine


Disposable Plate aoi machine

The specific detection parameters are as follows:

ModelCamera numberDetection rangeInspectAccuracy Precision Speed
KVIS-SC031 setFront of the plate

Black spots, stains, impurities

Adjustable precision

99.9%150 pcs/minute
Foldswidth≥0.5mm length≥5.0mm99.9%
Rupturewidth≥0.5mm length≥3.0mm99.9%
Burrswidth≥0.5mm length≥1.0mm99.9%
1 setFront of the plate (translucent)Crackingwidth≥0.5mm length≥3.0mm99.9%
Thinningwidth≥0.5mm length≥3.0mm99.9%
5 setBack of the plate

Black spots, stains, impurities

Foldswidth≥0.5mm length≥5.0mm99.9%
Rupture width≥0.5mm length≥3.0mm99.9%
Burrswidth≥0.5mm length≥1.0mm99.9%


System operating parameters

See the design drawings

for details

Power and frequency220V 20A 50HZ
Total power5.0~6.0 kwAir pressure0.5~0.8MPa Purify and oil-free
Working temperature-20℃ ~ 60℃Working humidityBelow 50% relative humidity

1. Detection products
Dinner plate products, paper-plastic material, white and primary colors, are divided into various specifications, the disposable dinner plates have greatly facilitated people's lives. Today, in order to save costs, businesses have almost started to use disposable plates in order to save costs, and bring some unique patterns or printed brand logo. In a large number of market demand, consumer experience directly affects the merchants strict requirements on packaging quality. In order to increase the production efficiency, the manufacturer changed the time-consuming and labor-intensive manual detection, and instead chose to graft the intelligent detection equipment to its own production line. So far, Keye Tech has been engaged in the packaging detection industry and has made a lot of dinner plate-related detection equipment. , There are good professional examples in the industry. Big data intelligent algorithms can be used to update the detection data in real time and discover possible problems in the production line in time.
Aoi Automatic Visual Inspection Machine For Disposable White Plate 0
Now take the collected samples with diameters of 155mm, 175mm, and 235mm as examples (see actual samples for details) to introduce the details of our detection equipment.
To achieve the compatibility detection of the above three products, it needs to involve the front and back end automation mechanism, the adjustment of the detection machine to the interface position and the camera focal length, the switching application of the detection software, etc., and the actual operation requires the customer's on-site personnel to operate proficiently.
2. Detection principle
Through the docking of the feeding and separating mechanism, the products are transferred to the specific detection station in a stable and orderly manner in a front-up manner, and then transmits the captured sample image to the image processing software through the high-pixel industrial camera, compares with the standardized sample and distinguishes the defective product and the good product, and controls the corresponding pneumatic components to reject defective products and finally collect qualified products. The back-end conveying platform of the detection machine can stack the tray mechanism for the receiving material.
The software sets the comparison standard for the samples, operators can control the comparison precision and choose the precision standard that best suits themselves, thereby controlling the defect rate.
3. Detection details
Our design plan adopts 3 sets of high-pixel industrial cameras and high-performance stroboscopic light sources to carry out a full range of visual detection for the appearance defects of dinner plate products. The detection speed is 150 pieces per minute. The equipment can realize 7*24 hours of operation, and the unqualified products can be automatically rejected online.
The whole set of detection equipment includes mechanical parts, visual electronic hardware and detection system software. The entrance and exit of the detection machine can be integrated with the automation mechanism (see the design drawings for details), and can be connected to upstream and downstream production according to the specific production needs of customers on site equipment.
The overall equipment diagram is as follows:
1. Detection standards
Black spots, stains, hair, foreign bodies, impurities (different colors), yellow spots, will be analyzed and processed according to the black spot detection indicators. The difference in gray value contrast must be greater than 40 to be effectively detected. If the sample has transparent oil stains or light black spots, and the gray value contrast difference is low (below 40), the detection effect cannot be achieved.
In actual detecting, due to the critical fluctuation state of certain detection item data affecting the judgment, it will cause a certain probability of product misdetection. The parameter setting of the system software can be adjusted to achieve the actual effect.
2. Instructions for camera use:

  • Detection of the back of the dinner plate: Through the automatic plate separation mechanism, a single product enters the glass turntable mechanism in a stable and orderly manner, and is transported to the back detection station. A set of industrial cameras are placed under the product and used with the visual front light source. After the image is collected, the system is processed. 

Aoi Automatic Visual Inspection Machine For Disposable White Plate 1
3. The detection equipment needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly during use (such as conveyor belt cleaning, camera cleaning, etc.), and the counting function can be realized after the finished product is tested.
4. System composition
(1) Mechanical part:
The mechanical part is the core component of the system, which carries all the transmission devices and electronic hardware (industrial cameras, light sources, industrial computers, touch screens, electrical boxes, etc.). The supporting glass turntable mechanism in the equipment can open the imaging perspective of the product and make Industrial cameras effectively collect images for analysis and processing.
(2) Hardware part:
The hardware part includes cameras, lenses, light sources, high-speed air valves, computers, touch screens and other electrical devices.
5. Images collected by real machine (part of the diagram is for reference only):
Frontal black spots and dirty
Aoi Automatic Visual Inspection Machine For Disposable White Plate 2

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